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Oil & Gas Fields

ITW Oil & Gas Fields

ITW can provide all of their services in this area.

In the area of cleaning and decontamination we can provide, among the others, the following services:

The ITW can also provide all the specialty chemicals necessary for the extraction and processing of crude oil and for the treatment of waters, such as:

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- Filmers- Corrosion inhibitors
- Neutralizers- Antiscalants
- Demulsifiers- Oxygen scavengers
- Antioxidants- Boilers internal treatment
- Antifoamers- Treatment of steam-condensate network
- H2S scavengers- Biocides
- Secondary and tertiary recovery chemicals 

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ITW has developed novel technologies for improving oil extraction from Tar Sands and in particular:
- Enhanced Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
- Enhanced oil demulsification
- Reduction of heavy oil viscosity

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