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Operational Excellence Improvement

Operational Excellence Improvement

When used during a unit run, ITW Online Cleaning is a powerful tool to improve Operational Excellence.

After an ITW Technology application, the unit will start up under clean conditions, thereby eliminating or reducing the bottlenecks and/or the inefficiencies experienced during the run.

ITW Online Cleaning’s ease of application and effectiveness rapidly restores operations even under severe climate conditions, thereby recovering efficiency without the need to wait for better conditions.

ITW Online Cleaning application during a unit run allows achieving the following benefits:

Return on investment

ITW Online Cleaning is the only technology which has an immediate return on investment (ROI).

At unit start-up (just after 24h, ITW Technology has been applied), all the benefits are immediately monetized in terms of:

Regular application of ITW Technology will target an increased run length under clean conditions, with a far higher ROI.

In this connection, the earlier the application the earlier the benefits.

Operational costs reduction

By reducing furnace fuel input, ITW Online Cleaning will immediately reduce operational costs.
A further contribution in operational cost reduction will arise from pumping cost reduction, following delta P reductions

Emissions reduction

The overall energy consumption reduction will translate into a lower fuel consumption and hence a reduced emission level.
Apart from the environmental performance improvement, always remarkable in terms of the company’s overall performance, this will lead to an emission taxes costs reduction.

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