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Chemical Treatments

Chemical Treatments ITW srl

ITW performs chemical treatments for water and processes, mainly operating with major industrial groups.

ITW can supply specialty chemicals for any industry, with particular reference to the following.

Among the patented products /processes supplied by ITW in the hydrocarbon processing field, we can cite:

Together with the above mentioned innovative technologies ITW has available all the fully consolidated technologies, typical from specialty chemicals suppliers, such as:

Water side

Process side

Moreover, many of the above formulations have been suitably modified in light of ITW technologies and know-how.

Thanks to its applied research facilities, ITW can find tailor-made solutions to peculiar customer problems, as well as implementing a specific research project.

ITW can also supply chemicals on a global service/partnership basis.

ITW’s mission in the specialty chemicals market is to give customers highly innovative products, highly attractive technological perspectives and highly specialized technical assistance service.

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