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Turnaround Operations Improvement

turnaround ITW

During a Turnaround, ITW can apply two unique and patented technologies.

ITW Online Cleaning

ITW Online Cleaning of entire units is performed on a closed-loop basis. We have online cleaned entire topping preheat trains (40 exchangers) in 24 hours and an entire visbreaker bottom circuit (28 exchangers) in 36 hours.

This means, you can clean entire preheat trains without extracting the bundles and clean columns by reducing or eliminating the need for mechanical cleaning, with no waste and/or noxious emission generation.

ITW technology has been used to avoid an unscheduled shutdown of production units.

By utilizing ITW technology all the refinery units can be cleaned at the same time in less than 48 hours.

This will lead to a dramatic reduction of turnaround schedule and, hence, increased production.

ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination

ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination uses a chemical to be added during steam-out, which will significantly reduce steam-out time and hence refinery downtime At the same time, this chemical will eliminate:

  • Any noxious odour during steam-out;
  • Any pyrophoric iron problems.

The chemical does not create any emulsion and is biodegradable, therefore condensates can very easily handled in the waste water treatment plant.

ITW technology can therefore replace the classic technology using water sprays and/or flooding the vessel.

In view of your turnaround, or any operating need, ITW technologies can easily help you in reducing downtime and improving productivity, safety and reliability, as well as reducing overall costs.

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