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ITW's activity is divided into two primary areas:
- Turnkey industrial cleaning and remediation
- Specialty chemicals

In the field of industrial cleaning, ITW performs the following services:

In addition to our innovative technologies in the field of industrial cleaning and remediation, ITW also offers all the "classic" technologies typical of specialty chemical providers in the industry:

Process SideWater Side
- Filmers- Corrosion inhibitors
- Neutralizers- Antiscalants
- Demulsifiers- Oxygen scavengers
- Antioxidants- Boiler internal treatment
- Antifoamers- Treatment of steam-condensate network
 - Biocides

Many of the chemicals listed above have been improved at light of ITW's experience and technological know-how.

ITW is in the market with the best credentials to provide our customers with highly innovative products, unique and novel technological perspectives, and highly skilled technical support.

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