ITW's activity is divided into two primary areas:
- Turnkey industrial cleaning and remediation
- Specialty chemicals

In the field of industrial cleaning, ITW performs the following services:

For the specialty chemicals, ITW mainly provides the proprietary ones with particular reference to:

In addition to the above, ITW also offers all the "classic" technologies typical of specialty chemical providers in the industry:

Process Side Water Side
- Filmers - Corrosion inhibitors
- Neutralizers - Antiscalants
- Demulsifiers - Oxygen scavengers
- Antioxidants - Boiler internal treatment
- Antifoamers - Treatment of steam-condensate network
  - Biocides

Many of the chemicals listed above have been improved at light of ITW's experience and technological know-how.

ITW provides our customers highly innovative technologies, products and highly skilled technical support and operates with the highest standards of business integrity.

Chairman's Message

Ferrara Marcello - Chairman Itw Technologies

ITW's mission is to develop innovative technologies, products and services in the Oil & Gas industry and the related ones.

ITW is committed to creating value for its customers and to seek innovative solutions that are reliable and economic to industrial problems.

ITW is committed to operate in compliance with its policies, with particular emphasis on Safety and Environment.

The business model of ITW reflects the utmost respect for its customers, employees and associates.

Respect for customers means offering solutions that are able to provide the best value for their investment and operating under the highest standards of business ethics.

Respect for employees means providing a challenging professional career where they can work in a healthy and positive environment without undue pressure, etc.

The same respect that ITW reserves to the market and customers is also claimed by ITW.

The integrity, skills, and professionalism of ITW employees and consultants differentiates ITW from other companies.

Our aim is not to do business "at all costs", but to generate a healthy business to the mutual satisfaction of the customer and our workforce.