ITW Services - Online Cleaning of Texas Towers and Feed/Effluent Exchangers

Online Cleaning of Texas Towers and Feed/Effluent Exchangers

ITW is the only company to boast Online Cleaning of Vertical Combined Feed effluent exchangers (Texas Towers, VCFE, HCFE), Packinox and, in general, feed/effluent exchangers in catalytic Units.

This is possible because the ITW Technology is able to completely dissolve the deposit present inside the equipment.

Therefore, the deposit is pumped out of the equipment in a soluble form as a stable liquid (that will not re-precipitate). In an industrial application, the fouling factor of a Texas Tower after ITW Online Cleaning was even restored at the design value.

Online Cleaning takes approximately 24 hours.

The technology is applicable to any feed/effluent exchanger in Reforming, HDS, HDT units or to any vertical exchanger of any service (e.g. reboilers).

The technology has an utmost value for equipment which cannot be disassembled (e.g., welded plate exchangers, packed exchangers, etc.)


The above statements do not query in any way the design and/or the performance of any equipment of any makers.

Fouling may occur indeed from process/operating conditions and can be almost independent to any design.