ITW Services - Distillation Yield increase in Delayed Coking Units

Distillation Yield Increase in Delayed Coking Units

Our proprietary asphaltene stabilization technology has been duly modified to achieve distillation yield increase in thermal cracking processes.

In a Delayed Coker pilot plant test (made at an Oil Company’s Research Centre) the feedstock was a mix of Lagotreco, Belaym and Sarir Vacuum residues having the following characteristics

Specific gravity @ 15/4 °C (g/ml)
Conradson Carbon Residue (wt %)
Viscosity @ 100 °C (cSt)
Sulphur (wt %)
Asphaltenes-C7 (wt %)

A blank run has been performed to build the base case; coke yield was 34 wt%.
An additivized run was performed in the same operating conditions than the blank run and the proprietary ITW chemical was added into the feed; coke yield reduced to 30 wt%.
As result of ITW proprietary chemical injection, coke yield was reduced by 4 %, and this translated in the following product yield improvement :

  • LPG : + 2%
  • GASOLINE : + 1.5%
  • GAS OIL: + 0.5%
Visbreaking Unit

Yield improvements of roughly 4% were also obtained in lab test runs on Visbreaker with heavy feedstocks (Libyan/Arabian/Iranian/Egyptian Vacuum residues).