ITW was founded in 1999 by incorporation of MEG S.r.l., a company operating in the field of applied research, to implement the technologies developed by MEG and used in various industrial sectors.

All ITW technologies are covered by various patents.
Among the patents owned by ITW, the ones in the Oil & Gas industry now include:

At the very beginning, MEG philosophy has been to license out the technologies to companies operating in the refining and petrochemical industry. However, given our advanced and unique technologies, ITW determined to expand the business by directly providing the turnkey application of the technologies.

Following the development of a powerful technology for asphaltene stabilization, ITW then became an operating company in the field of industrial cleaning and remediation. This technology was first used for cleaning heavily contaminated tanks containing large quantities of sludge, tar, and coke-like material. Further developments of the technology have resulted in plant and equipment cleaning applications.

The development of these unique technologies, such as ITW Online Cleaning, ITW Onstream Cleaning and ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination, have placed ITW on the world stage of industrial cleaning for both Operational Excellence and Turnaround improvement.

ITW old logo

Itw Technologies old logo

The Vitruvian Man illustrates the harmony and beauty of the human body, along with its perfect proportions.

For us the Vitruvian Man represents Leonardo da Vinci, a man that, strong only of his genius, has brought progress to mankind, notwithstanding scarcity of resources and against the prejudice and the thoughts of his time. He was able to create and innovate. With a remarkable innovative spirit, he has been able to study and invent technologies even unthinkable up to that time. This is the "Innovative Technologies" in our brand name.

The globe in the background of the Vitruvian Man extends the meaning to the whole world, thus the name of our company includes "Worldwide", as ITW's reach is indeed global.

In our logo, the Vitruvian Man with the globe in the background represents the beauty and harmony of mankind, its being in the world to try to improve it, to make progress with respect both for man and environment: it is therefore the synthesis of our mission.

In some parts of the world, the nakedness of Vitruvian Man could be offensive to religious beliefs or personal thoughts. It is not our intention to create any offense to any visitor to this website and/or to our customers; therefore, please consider Vitruvian Man for what it is: a masterpiece and a work of art.

ITW new logo

Itw Technologies old logo

The new logo symbolizes the growth of ITW and its willingness to grow in a sustainable and ethic manner. The new logo opens up like a swollen sail to help ITW sailing into new worlds.

The rainbow as a part of the logo, highlights our respect for the environment and our efforts to create environmental-friendly technologies.