ITW Services - Degassing and decontamination

Degassing and Decontamination

ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination uses a proprietary chemical to be added in the vapour phase, which will significantly reduce steam-out time and hence refinery downtime. At the same time, the chemical will eliminate:
- Any noxious odour during steam-out;
- Any pyrophoric iron problems.

An entire production unit can be decontaminated in as low as 4-8 hours.

The proprietary chemistry
- does not create any emulsion, and
- is fully biodegradable

therefore the condenses can routed in the oily sewage and thereafter very easily handled in the waste water treatment plant, with no need of any temporary storage or frac tanks.

ITW Services - Degassing and decontamination

The proprietary chemistry creates indeed a temporary solubilization of hydrocarbons in water; upon settling the hydrocarbons will separate out spontaneously in a few minutes.

ITW Services - Degassing and decontamination
ITW Services - Degassing and decontamination

A bright and clear water phase will separate out, which can be routed to oily sewage and waste water treatment plant because the ITW patented chemistry is fully biodegradable. ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination is complaint to zero flaring requirements

ITW Services - Degassing and decontamination

Upon request the proprietary chemistry can be also easily dissolved in water (for those specific applications which require a low temperature decontamination), by maintaining all of the above characteristics.

The value of ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination:

  • Quick removal of residual oil, gas and hazardous contaminants in the unit (even in a few hours)
  • Neutralize H2S and mercaptans (even values of 500 ppm are decreased to < 10 ppm within 1-2 hours )
  • Eliminate Pyrophorics
  • Eliminate LEL, benzene and noxious odor (no need to utilize special heavy duty PPE or to use contingency plans)
  • ITW does not create any emulsion (no need for frac tanks or emulsion storage)
  • ITW is 100% biodegradable (no overload of WWTP, which is of major importance during a turnaround)
  • ITW does not use toxic KMnO4 for oxidation of pyrophoric iron sulfide (improved HS&E performance)
  • Reduction of steam-out time (critical equipment is delivered earlier to maintenance, leading to downtime reduction)
  • Reduction of steam consumption (which can account for many hundred thousand USD in a major turnaround)
  • Steam availability increase (reduced steam availability is well known in a turnaround, which will eventually impact turnaround schedule and downtime)