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ITW Online Cleaning

ITW’s Online Cleaning patented technology is based on cleaning heat exchangers and process equipment in a closed loop, in the hydrocarbon phase.

According to ITW Online Cleaning technology, a production Unit can be cleaned in 24 hours or less, on an oil-out/oil-in basis without the need of opening the equipment. ITW Online Cleaning can be utilized to improve turnaround operations, or as a tool to improve operational excellence.

ITW Online Cleaning is a patented cleaning technology which includes ALL of:

  • Patented method and process steps
  • Patented chemicals
  • Patented monitoring system

For avoidance of misunderstandings, ITW Online Cleaning patent does not only cover the chemicals but also includes the cleaning method, the process steps and the monitoring system. As such, no other company can use ITW Online Cleaning method and process steps, even if they are using different chemicals.

ITW Online Cleaning has NOTHING to do with Decontamination. Decontamination scope is safe entry of equipment only; while ITW Online Cleaning scope is effectively cleaning the equipment and eliminate/dramatically reduce mechanical cleaning.

The patented ITW cleaning method is based upon injecting a proprietary oil-based chemical (a patented asphaltene stabilizer and/or a polymer modifier), which will dissolve sludge and will remove sludge and deposits from metal surfaces. Asphaltenes are dissolved during chemical circulation and are chemically re-peptized, in other words they are stabilized. This important characteristic allows for subsequent reutilization/reprocessing of the washing solution, because the stabilizing properties of the chemical avoid re-aggregation of asphaltenic clusters, eliminating potential precipitation during storage and/or fouling of process equipment. ITW Online Cleaning is also applicable to polymeric deposits, by using a proprietary polymer modifier.

After the application of ITW Online Cleaning, the Unit can be immediately put back on stream, without the need of opening the equipment.

In case the equipment need to be opened for inspection, ITW can also dramatically reduce the time required for achieving safe entry conditions by applying its Improved Degassing/Decontamination Technology.

ITW Online Cleaning perfectly fits with Customers’ needs in reducing downtime and overall costs (which also include any conventional and “granted” one), as well as improving operational HS&E.

Customers should consider ITW Online Cleaning in terms of overall value which includes, among the others, all of:

  • downtime reduction
  • production increase
  • loss of opportunity reduction
  • mechanical cleaning reduction/avoidance
  • mechanical jobs reduction/avoidance
  • spare parts buying/installation avoidance
  • equipment damage avoidance
  • HS&E improvement
  • personnel costs reduction (e.g. co-ordination and control will be reduced)
  • reliability improvement
  • weather/contingency minimization

The above, although impacting different budget items, should be considered altogether.
Therefore, rather than making a simple cost/cost evaluation, a complete cost/benefit analysis should be run.

ITW Online Cleaning is best applied to clean any entire production Unit in the Oil & Gas industry, but it is also applicable to single pieces of equipment.

Desalters, Feed/Effluent exchangers (Texas Towers, Packinox, VFCE, HCFE) and reboilers are examples of the above.

Desalter Online Cleaning can occur in 6-12 hours and opens up new scenarios in the optimization of CDUs.
Sludge recoveries of 98% are normal by applying ITW Online Cleaning on Desalters.

With the current trend of processing opportunity crudes, which are cheap but heavily foul equipment, ITW Online Cleaning offers Customers a solution for reducing operating costs and maximize profits.

Hereinafter are some pictures of results achieved during turnarounds:

ITW Services - Online Cleaning

Vacuum tower Bottom

ITW Services - Online Cleaning

Vacuum Tower feed inlet

ITW Services - Online Cleaning

HVGO Packing

ITW Services - Online Cleaning

VTB vs Atm Residue Exchanger

ITW Services - Online Cleaning

Crude Exchanger (upstream Preflash)

ITW Services - Online Cleaning